I am very pleased to announce that Stay Fuzzy 002 is OUT NOW! Available to order directly from The Shop, and shipping to Canada, China, Japan, The United Kingdom and the United States!

A second to reflect.

This series has been the most fun I have ever had working on a project. Taking elements from the world around me, blasting music, and melting them together with a fair amount of fuzz and bold statements, has bolstered my will to make great art. In addition to becoming an outlet for bringing my ideas to print, it has solidified production methods to allow me to nail down important pieces of the publishing puzzle. To gain the necessary experience, to set the stage for even bigger ideas, and bolder statements. It’s a personal mantra for ‘gettin’ shit done’ and once again, it’s a magazine you can hold in your hands.

Thanks again.

Stay Fuzzy.





Well folks, we’re snowed in.

Due to some inclement (and overdramatic) Canadian weather, and a busied schedule which demands my immediate attention, I’ve chosen to push the release of Stay Fuzzy 002 from March 17th, 2017 to the following week, on Friday, March 24th, 2017.

A bit of a bummer to some of you, but I assure you it’s in the best interest of getting these issues shipped without any nasty delays. 

Thanks as always, and stay tuned for all the official details by the end of the week!

Stay Warm.

Stay Fuzzy.




The Jams.


Every now and then my quiet creative space is broken open by a riff of rock n roll that is just too damn good to be denied, and this week, Jibber Jabber & the Jams takes the top spot with DEMO 2017. A garage rock gem that you need to crank…now!

The details are messy and mostly unnecessary, but I met Maartje (the bassist) a few years back through a mutual friend, who happened upon my work online, and it’s a chance encounter I’m very pleased to have happened. Had it not, life might be a whole lot quieter right now...

So turn it up.

Give it a listen.

And give thanks for the Jams.