Never A Better Time. [BLOG]


There’s never a better time to shake things up than a Monday. So here’s some updates, complete with a six-tiered gallery (available under Work) that lays the foundation for another solid year of projects, projects, and more projects. I’m admittedly still in the process of collecting and photographing an illustration gallery of finalized works, and gathering content for the Events tab, but we’ll get there shortly.

Another notable feature, is that the included Social Media link currently exists as a highlight reel, but won’t stay that way for long. Moving forward it will be a hub for [] specific media. Think of it as specialized pipeline for a 'behind-the-scenes' look at whatever finds its way onto my drafting table, and will be linked to on other social media platforms for easy access.

So there’s that…

The last item on the list is a call to the graphic coupled with this blog. It’s the very first element of a new project I’ve been working on, and if you need more of a hint than that you’re out of luck until the aforementioned feature above is in full force.

Stay Fuzzy.






Wake up and get caffeinated. Make sure to read something inspirational before you check your email. Before you yawn and wish you had stayed in bed. Wake up and get back to work. As the sign in my kitchen dictates, '...You can sleep when you're dead!'